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Surnames - Cass

The Cass Family

The relationship between Thomas and James Cass has not been
established, although it is possible that they might have been

On 12 April 1812 a son of James Cass and Sarah was baptised at
Hovingham, having been born the previous day. Although the name of
the child is given as James in the register, this could have been an
error on the part of the priest. Both the date of birth (according to
Thomas's gravestone in Stellawood Cemetery, Durban and other
evidence) and the name of the father (according to the entry for
Thomas's marriage in the registers of Easingwold) coincide with
the information known for Thomas.

On 16 June 1816, James, the illegitimate son of Elizabeth CASS of
Scackleton, was baptised at Hovingham.

Thomas Cass

Thomas Cass had two illegitimate children by Jane CLARKSON.
$ Sarah was baptised at St. Mary's, Kilburn on 11 January 1835
$ Elizabeth, born on 5 January 1836 and baptised at Easingwold on
the same day that her parents married.

Thomas CASS and Jane CLARKSON married after banns at the
church of All Saints and St. John, Easingwold, on 23 April 1837, with
the consent of James CASS, possibly Thomas's father. One wonders
why consent was necessary, since at the time of the marriage Thomas
would have been well over the age of consent. Had his father perhaps
been outspoken in public about his son's liaison with Jane, to the
extent that the priest concerned felt it safer to ensure that the father
had consented to his son's marriage?

The couple had two more children baptised at Easingwold:
$ William, born on 24 April 1840 and baptised on 19 May 1841
$ Ann, born 28 April 1844 and baptised on 7 July 1844

At the time of the 1841 census, the CASS family were living at Uppleby
in the parish of Easingwold. Thomas was an agricultural labourer.
There were three children: Sarah and Elizabeth aged 6 and 4
respectively, both known by the surname CASS and the baby William
aged 6 weeks.

The CASS family emigrated to Natal in 1850. The family settled in
Durban where by the end of 1852 Thomas was working as a labourer.
At some time between 1858 and 1865 the family moved to Wentworth,
where they grew fresh produce on a large piece of land. Thomas CASS
was murdered on his farm on 14 May 1876 when he surprised some
Africans skinning one of his oxen which they had slaughtered. His wife
Jane died at Wentworth on 3 November 1889. They were buried at
Clairmont Cemetery. Their remains were later reinterred in the
Stellawood Cemetery, Durban.

Researched and contributed by Anne Clarkson. Thank you Anne for
sharing your research with us.

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Surnames - Botterill to Buttery

Botterill, Edwin, Farmer, possibly from Londesborough, Yorkshire,
England. Baptised: 3rd July 1827, Londesborough, Yorkshire,
England. Parents were John and Eliza Botterill. May have emigrated
to Australia.

Botterill, Thomas, Farmer. Baptised: 28th August 1808, North Dalton
Yorkshire, England. Parents were John and Elizabeth Botterill. Thomas
Botterill married Elizabeth Horsley (daughter of John Horsley and
Rachel Haygard who married at Londesborough, Yorkshire, England on
4th October 1810) on 2nd May 1839 at Londesborough, Yorkshire,
England. Children: Elizabeth (Baptised 5th October 1845, Holme Upon
Spalding Moor, Yorkshire, England; died June 1850, Hull, Yorkshire,
England); John Horsley (Baptised 30th January 1848, Holme Upon
Spalding Moor, Yorkshire, England; William Cape Vincent (Born:
28th July 1850 at sea). Also on board were Elizabeth Horsley's brother,
Thomas Horsley and her sister, Jane together with Jane's husband,
John Braithwaite and family.

Boyes, John, Farmer from Wombleton, Yorkshire, England. Born c.1829.

Braithwaite, John, Farmer from Harlthorpe, Yorkshire, Born: c.1822.
Married Jane Horsley (daughter of John Horsley and Rachel Haygard
mentioned above) on 26th November 1846 at Bubwith, Yorkshire,
England. Children: John Hebdon (Born: 4th quarter, 1847. Birth
registered in the district of Howden, Yorkshire, England; died 16th July
1850 at sea; Thomas (Born: c.1849).

Brittain, James, Carpenter from Bridlington, Yorkshire. Born: c.1810.
Married Caroline (possibly Webster and, if so, then the marriage
took place in the 3rd quarter of 1843 at Helmsley, Yorkshire, England).
Child: James Digby (Birth registered in the 3rd quarter of 1849 at
Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.

Brough, Richard, Farmer. Born c.1819

Brown, George Beale. Baptised 10th September 1828 at Thorne,
Yorkshire, England. Parents were Thomas and Charlotte Brown of
Thorne, Yorkshire, England. According to the 1851 Census for Thorne,
Yorkshire, Charlotte was born c.1798 at Thorne and Thomas was born
c.1796 also at Thorne.

Brunyee, John, Bricklayer. Born. c.1820. Married Christiana Wilson
c.1821, daughter of Mrs. Christiana Wilson of Hull) in the 3rd
quarter of 1842
at Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England.

Buttery, Thomas, Stonemason from Sutton, Yorkshire, England.
Baptised: 9th February 1829, Sutton under Whitestone Cliffe,
Yorkshire, England. Son of William Buttery and Ann Peacock who
married at Felixkirk, Yorkshire, England. Ann Buttery remarried in the
2nd quarter of 1845 at Thirsk, Yorkshire, England to a John Scurrah.
Thomas Buttery married Jane Hardisty (also a Haidee Settler) in
January 1852 in Durban, Natal, South Africa.

Surnames - Boast

Boast, (Dr) Charles Bird from Newington, Surrey, England.  Born:
14th December 1818, Newington, Surrey, England. Parents were
Dr. David Boast and Elizabeth Bird. Dr. Charles Bird Boast married
(1) Elizabeth Stormer (Born: 8th May 1818, Luton, Bedfordshire;
Died- 19th March 1865, York, Natal, daughter of Thomas Stormer
and Elizabeth Harris;) Dr. Charles Bird Boast married (2)
Catherine Jane Smith (daughter of William Smith and Isabella
Cranswick who emigrated on the Haidee. Children of Dr. Charles
Bird Boast and Elizabeth Stormer were Charles Bird Boast (Jnr);
Arthur Thomas Stormer Boast; Frederick William Boast. Children
of Dr. Charles Bird Boast and Catherine Jane Smith were Edward
Boast; Lilian Boast; Catherine Mary Boast who married Riby William
Smith (son of Robert Smith and Susannah Medd who travelled on the
Haidee); Agnes Cranswick Boast who married John Henry Smith
(brother of Riby William Smith); Constance Bird Boast. Brothers
David and Henry Boast accompanied the Boast party. Sister of Dr.
Charles Bird Boast (Snr) was Mrs. Eliza Perfect who married (1)
George Perfect & (2) Edwin Augustus King Foxon. The Perfects
arrived in December 1854 aboard the Pantaloon. Cousins of Dr.
Charles Bird Boast (Snr) were Marianne Potter (born Boast) and her
brother, Henry Boast (1st husband of Mary Smith). Another cousin
was William Boast (see below).

Boast, Mary (widow of Henry Boast who died 29th May 1850 at Hull,
Yorkshire, England). Mary Boast’s maiden name was Smith and she
was baptized on 1th September 1817 at Market Weighton, Yorkshire,
England. Her parents were Joseph Smith (born 11th January 1788,
Coxwold, Yorkshire, England; died 1868, Natal, South Africa) and Alice
Laverack (born 2th November 1788, Howden, Yorkshire, England; died
November 1839, Sancton, Yorkshire, England) who married st July 1811
at Market Weighton, Yorkshire, England. Mary Smith married (1) Henry
Boast on 2th July 1844 at Market Weighton, Yorkshire, England. Children:
Mary Alice Boast, Catherine Jane Boast, Harriet Smith Boast. Mary Boast
(born Smith) married (2) John Swales Moreland on 20th February 1858 in
St. Paul's Church, Durban and one child, Charles Mortimer Moreland, was
born to this marriage.

Boast, William, Printer and livery stable keeper, from Market Weighton,
Yorkshire, England at the time he emigrated. Born c.1812 in North Dalton,
Yorkshire, England possibly the son of William Boast and Elizabeth Maw
and, if so, then William Boast (Jnr) was a brother of Henry Boast who
organized the Haidee emigration. William Boast married Hannah Lofthouse
in the 3rd quarter of 1848 at Driffield, Yorkshire, England
Child: Anne-Elizabeth Boast.

Surnames - Balland to Bilbrough

Balland, Robert, Farm Labourer from Baldersby, Yorkshire, England.
Born c.1808, Yorkshire, England. Married Ann Heslop. Children:
William B., Jane, Mary, Ann, Elizabeth, Maria.

Beckwith, William, Farmer. Note: No further information is available.

Bell, William, Blacksmith / Postmaster from Sancton, Yorkshire,
England. Baptised: 3rd July 1825, Sancton, Yorkshire, England.
Parents were John Bell and Rachel Bell (born Vause) who arrived in
November 1861 aboard the
Cataraqui along with sisters, Ann Bell
(married Robert Marshall who arrived 21st June 1858 on the "Lady
of the Lake") and Mary Vause Bell and brother, John Vause Bell
and family.

Bentley, George, Farmer from Helmsley, Yorkshire, England. Born:
24th November, 1813, Helmsley, Yorkshire, England, son of William
Wood Bentley. Married Emma Ward (daughter of John and E. Ward
of Hull). Sarah Ward, sister of Emma, accompanied George and
Emma Bentley on the Haidee.

Bilbrough, George, Brick and Tile Maker from Newton upon Ouse,
Yorkshire, England. Born c.1802 possibly in Yorkshire, England.
Married Ann (surname unknown at this stage). Children: Hannah,
George, Francis.

Surnames - Allerston to Atkinson

Allerston, Alfred, Gardener from Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.  Born
Parents were John and Elizabeth Allerston.
Allerston, William Francis. Grazier from Bridlington, Yorkshire.  
Baptised: 1st September 1830, Bridlington, Yorkshire; brother of
Allerston. Alfred and William F. Allerston were nephews of
Allerston who arrived at Port Natal on 18 July 1848 aboard the
Henry Tanner.
Ashton,  Henry Prior, (cabin passenger) from St. James, Liverpool,
Lancashire, England. Baptised: 21
st December 1815, St. James,
Liverpool, Lancashire, England.
Parents were Michael and Hannah
Ashton of Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Siblings were Charles, John
and Sarah
Ashton who arrived on the Pallas in November 1850 and
Ashton who arrived on the Haidee.
Ashton, Richard Burey (cabin passenger) from St. James, Liverpool,
Lancashire, England.
Baptised: 19th August 1823, St. James,
Liverpool, Lancashire, England. Brother of Richard
Ashton. Henry Prior
and Richard Burey
Ashton appear to have emigrated to Melbourne,
Australia. Michael
Ashton (father) of Liverpool also appears to have
emigrated to Australia.
Atkinson,  John, Farmer, born c.1802, Yorkshire, England.  Son,
Atkinson, arrived in October 1854 aboard the Rydal; Son,
Atkinson, arrived in June 1858 aboard the Princeza; Nephew,
Atkinson, arrived in August 1859 aboard the Early Morn.
John Atkinson returned to Yorkshire c.1851 and died at Yafforth on
10th December 1873.