Saturday, January 12, 2008

Surnames - Botterill to Buttery

Botterill, Edwin, Farmer, possibly from Londesborough, Yorkshire,
England. Baptised: 3rd July 1827, Londesborough, Yorkshire,
England. Parents were John and Eliza Botterill. May have emigrated
to Australia.

Botterill, Thomas, Farmer. Baptised: 28th August 1808, North Dalton
Yorkshire, England. Parents were John and Elizabeth Botterill. Thomas
Botterill married Elizabeth Horsley (daughter of John Horsley and
Rachel Haygard who married at Londesborough, Yorkshire, England on
4th October 1810) on 2nd May 1839 at Londesborough, Yorkshire,
England. Children: Elizabeth (Baptised 5th October 1845, Holme Upon
Spalding Moor, Yorkshire, England; died June 1850, Hull, Yorkshire,
England); John Horsley (Baptised 30th January 1848, Holme Upon
Spalding Moor, Yorkshire, England; William Cape Vincent (Born:
28th July 1850 at sea). Also on board were Elizabeth Horsley's brother,
Thomas Horsley and her sister, Jane together with Jane's husband,
John Braithwaite and family.

Boyes, John, Farmer from Wombleton, Yorkshire, England. Born c.1829.

Braithwaite, John, Farmer from Harlthorpe, Yorkshire, Born: c.1822.
Married Jane Horsley (daughter of John Horsley and Rachel Haygard
mentioned above) on 26th November 1846 at Bubwith, Yorkshire,
England. Children: John Hebdon (Born: 4th quarter, 1847. Birth
registered in the district of Howden, Yorkshire, England; died 16th July
1850 at sea; Thomas (Born: c.1849).

Brittain, James, Carpenter from Bridlington, Yorkshire. Born: c.1810.
Married Caroline (possibly Webster and, if so, then the marriage
took place in the 3rd quarter of 1843 at Helmsley, Yorkshire, England).
Child: James Digby (Birth registered in the 3rd quarter of 1849 at
Bridlington, Yorkshire, England.

Brough, Richard, Farmer. Born c.1819

Brown, George Beale. Baptised 10th September 1828 at Thorne,
Yorkshire, England. Parents were Thomas and Charlotte Brown of
Thorne, Yorkshire, England. According to the 1851 Census for Thorne,
Yorkshire, Charlotte was born c.1798 at Thorne and Thomas was born
c.1796 also at Thorne.

Brunyee, John, Bricklayer. Born. c.1820. Married Christiana Wilson
c.1821, daughter of Mrs. Christiana Wilson of Hull) in the 3rd
quarter of 1842
at Sculcoates, Yorkshire, England.

Buttery, Thomas, Stonemason from Sutton, Yorkshire, England.
Baptised: 9th February 1829, Sutton under Whitestone Cliffe,
Yorkshire, England. Son of William Buttery and Ann Peacock who
married at Felixkirk, Yorkshire, England. Ann Buttery remarried in the
2nd quarter of 1845 at Thirsk, Yorkshire, England to a John Scurrah.
Thomas Buttery married Jane Hardisty (also a Haidee Settler) in
January 1852 in Durban, Natal, South Africa.

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